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This is a very sad day, but I have made the very difficult decision to shut down. It’s been a fun 5 years, but the time to move on has come. Lucky Skins has been my sole effort along with a few other people that helped me along the way. Personal interests and a changing business landscape have caused me to make this change. I can’t say enough how much I truly appreciate all the support I’ve received over the years and absolutely believe that I have the best customer base of all time. Thank you so much!

Lucky Skins

P.S. - Regarding your information: all of your customer data is secure and the database is being deleted so I will have no records of any purchases or customer contact info of any sort.

P.P.S. - You'll notice that there's a link at the top of the web page for clearance items. I'll be selling off old stock of items that have been cut but not sold. They are all in perfect shape but at a fraction of the price. Check them out, you may find what you're looking for. I will be adding additional products to the clearance items section in the coming days.